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    Why should I add options?

    Adding options will help you get an accurate Trade-in value. Value is based on multiple factors including mileage, condition, year and optional equipment.

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    How do I Rate?

    5 * Excellent: Looks like new, no visible flaws, and excellent mechanical condition.

    4 * Clean: Some minor wear and tear but no major problems requiring only minimal reconditioning.

    3 * Average: This car has no major mechanical problems but may need some reconditioning

    2 * Rough: This car has some mechanical and/or cosmetic defects and needs reconditioning and servicing.

    1 * Damaged: This car is damaged and needs reconditioning and servicing, paint and body work may be needed.

    Terms & Conditions

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    Your Blue Book® Trade-In Value

    Excellent Value - 3% of all cars we value


    Very Good Value - 23% of all cars we value


    Good Value - 54% of all cars we value


    Fair Value - 18% of all cars we value


    What are these values?

    Excellent Trade-In Value: Looks new and is in excellent mechanical condition.

    Very Good Trade-In Value: Has minor cosmetic defects and is in excellent mechanical condition.

    Good Trade-In Value: Has some repairable cosmetic defects and is free of major mechanical problems.

    Fair Trade-In Value: Has some cosmetic defects that require repairing and/or replacing.

    Terms & Conditions